Mister Host Panel

is a software package: default web-server with control to web-sites

If web-server with control panel is what you've been searching, then you are welcome.

Easiest and comfortable way to control regular sites armed with standard bundle: MySQL, PHP, FTP, Apache2.

Upgradable engine core. Accessible to download updates on working copy.


OS: Linux (Debian or Ubuntu)

Access to server via SSH.

Available domain name

Installation Steps

Additional Settings

Setup instructions

Additional settings to monetize and protect

1. Get account on merchant to accept payments for hosting accounts.
Please, register in 2co.

	Add Product "Annual Web Hosting" with price $50 and 
	fill Approve URL with following:
	* Your domain name instead of domain.com

In file /home/mrhost/config/config.php edit variables:
define ("TWO_CHECKOUT_SID",""); //2co account sid 
define ("TWO_CHECKOUT_PRODUCT_ID",""); //2co product id 

2. Get ReCaptcha against SPAM registrations. Let's get keys for ReCaptcha here:
Fill them in /home/mrhost/config/config.php:
define ("RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY", "");